Trees of Tomorrow

British Woods are a dying breed, slowly being encroached upon by the onward march of population growth and the subsequent demand for houses.

Its not apparent to many of the population but there is plenty of places to live – amongst the trees.

It was not so long ago, that thousands of communities did just this.

Within the woods of Great Britain lie every conceivable resources that a human could need to survive. Much like Robin Hood’s Band of Merry Men in Prince of Thieves, we could erect elaborate tree houses, utilising the woods rather than brutally pillaging them.

Take a trip back to 1991 and watch Kevin Reynolds’ cult classic.

time travel

Its a movie not often talked about in today’s cultural landscape.

Robin-Hood-Prince-of-ThieveThe quintessentially British story was given a radical American makeover. Robin Loxley, played by Kevin Costner, spoke with a broad Californian accent accompanied by his ‘Samaritan’ companion played by Morgan Freeman who also refused to drop his US dialect.

These strange American accents were thrown into British woods and juxtaposed with fine English actors, creating a film that was both culturally confusing yet wildly entertaining. It a gorgeous mess to behold – overlong and yet justified in its scale.

The film grossed $390m, Bryan Adams’ single became one of the biggest-selling records of all time and we all wanted to live in tree houses, so we could shout this when we are under attack:

When this movie returns to the public eye, there are rumours (started by myself) that a High Definition Remaster is in the works for a cinematic release, the demand for full-scale tree cities will sky rocket.

That is when the tide will change.

The demand for traditional brick and mortar houses will plummet. The cities will start to drain and empty, and the rope, sack and hemp industries will boom.

The internet marketers, estate agents, insurance brokers and hedge fund managers of our time will leave their penthouse suites and London flats in favour of 8-storey high forest apartments. Wireless internet will allow their online businesses to continue uninterrupted.

Conference calls will be taken in the canopies and offices will be installed in the upper reaches of the trees.

merry men

In the year 2030: we will all be Merry Men.