Wood Pellet Burners

Following on from last month’s post concerning biomass fuel, we felt that it was important to explore alternatives to biomass boilers. Along with biofuel burners, oil-fired condensing boilers are also becoming more and more popular as gas prices continue to rise. As well as those fuelled by wood pellets.

Wood Pellet boilers work in much the same way that conventional gas boilers do, by burning Wood Pellets to heat water which in turns heats the house through radiators. The main difference between the two is the fuel, with an Wood Pellet boiler, you will need to have a way to store the Wood Pellet and have it delivered to your home.

Wood Pellet-fired boilers are different to normal oil boilers in that they aim to recapture heat normally lost through the flue system. This dramatically increases the efficiency of the boiler, therefore reducing heating and fuel bills.

Installation of Wood Pellet boilers must comply with British Standards, as well as being commissioned at the time of installation as do all oil-fired appliances. This ensures maximum efficiency and safety.